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  • Maximum tallness of 59.3 inches
  • Ideal for medium-sized 35mm cameras, with up to the 75-300mm telephoto wizz lens attached
  • 3-way panhead with discerning release
  • Built-in burble turn to even shots
  • Flip thatch for discerning stability

Product Description
This lightweight, high-quality tripod is written for easy portability as well as limit stability. It facilities the 3-way vessel conduct for accurate carry out as well as well-spoken movement. The 3-section tubular leg building the whole allows for well-developed fortitude indoors or out. The tripod additionally facilities the built-in H2O turn as well as the discerning recover shoe. It additionally comes with the available carrying case.

Canon Deluxe 200 Tripod

5 Reviews

  1. Anton Tobias says:

    After reading some of the negative reviews on this tripod I had to point out the obvious. It is a $40.00 Canon Deluxe not a $600.00 Gitzo Mountaineer. For $40.00 this tripod actually exceeded my expectations in terms of quality, build, and performance. Remember now…I’m speaking as a consumer that spent $40.00.

    Another issue that seems to have other reviewers troubled is the amount of plastic that is on this unit. This is because Canon has designed it to be light-weight (2.65 lbs). Again, for $40.00 what can you expect…perfectly balanced feather-weight alloy? Of course a tripod in this class is going to wear some plastic.

    The tripod itself can extend up to 59 1/3 inches (1,507mm), has a water level, quick shoe release, and elevator type extension. Mine also came with a Canon carrying case.

    I have owned and used this tripod for over a year and am completely satisfied with it. I’ve had no problems with the tripod head tilting (shooting primarily with a Rebel XTi and the EF 28-135mm lens) or plastic breaking. Fine tripod for $40.00.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. M. Lovett says:

    Pros: You can setup and breakdown this tripod in seconds (all quick-lock legs, very light), it’s very light, so if you’re lugging it around downtown for an afternoon, you’ll be thankful you have this.

    Cons: Joints aren’t extraordinarily smooth, and have a tendency to stick a little. The camera base tilt adjust sits at about -10deg when not tight, instead of a flat 0deg or 90deg (for landscape or portrait). Heavier kits will make the tripod pretty unstable (I’m not keen on putting my 70-200mm L with my Rebel XT on it).

    Overall, it’s a decent portability-focused tripod, for use when you just want to run out, setup and shoot. In that sense, it serves as a decent second or third tripod, but definitely not a primary.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  3. DavesComedyinLA says:

    First, let me say that I bought a Canon Optura 50 miniDV camera and have been absolutely thrilled by it. It surpassed everything I was hoping for in a miniDV camera.

    That’s why I bought this tripod: I figured if it worked like the camera it would be a great combo.

    The guy at the camera store warned me there was a lot of plastic on this tripod and suggested getting a different brand, but I didn’t take his advice.

    Sure enough, the very first time using the tripod a tiny little piece on one of the plastic snaps that keeps the legs achored to the center pole broke, allowing the leg to flop around freely with no bracing.

    The break is one of those places that plastic shouldn’t have been used it all. It was all very aggravating: an otherwise great tripod rendered useless by broken sliver of plastic. That was really poor design on Canon’s part.

    When I take it back tomorrow, I’m definitely going to heed the camera guy’s advice.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Michael Yuen says:

    I liked the light weight and how it deployed so quickly. Took many nice shots with it, but it didn’t take long for the tripod to break. It’s definitely not recommended for use as a primary tripod.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  5. shirakikue says:

    For those who are discouraged by seeing the bad reviews. Don’t be. As some have pointed out this is a $38 tripod. This is very inexpensive. Also, it’s from Canon if that matters to you. I bought this tripod because of the price. This tripod is not as bad as some of the bad reviews made it seem. It discouraged me at first from purchasing this because of those bad reviews and the fear that this tripod would just break on me. I understand how this tripod would break on you if you aggresively handle it. However, this tripod is pretty sturdy in its own right. It’s made from aluminum and plastic. It’s very easy to use as well. Unless you were one of those kids that disregarded your mama telling you to put your toys away and just left your toys laying around. I really don’t see how you can break this tripod unless you intended to. For a mere $38 or so, you can’t go wrong even if it does happen to break on you.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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