• Complete hands-free solution
  • Simple to use, sets up in seconds
  • Lightweight whilst land up to 15lbs
  • Will insert to each camcorder
  • Lowers tired whilst shortening quivering & shaking

Product Description
The Opteka tractable video camera hands-free shoulder await can be used by both a veteran or pledge user. This implausible as well as worldly camcorder await offers fortitude as well as carry out we cannot find in any alternative hands-free support. Extremely utilitarian product for outside as well as indoor shots. Now we can mountain your camcorder as well as suffer hands giveaway shooting. This shoulder mount has been written to reason camcorders up to 15lbs. It is really easy to use. Attach your camcorder to a shoulder await camera platform, put upon a shoulder support, insert a tag with a bend as well as regulate the length according to your physique size.

Opteka Hands-Free Camcorder Shoulder Support

5 Reviews

  1. W. tingler says:

    Shoulder supported camcorders are smoother and require less energy to stabilize. The torso makes for a great pivot. The Opteka kind of makes a shoulder support system for cams that are without. I film cycling races with a Canon XHA1. It’s not shoulder supported like the XL1 or 2 models.
    Often I’m in tight spots with large crowds and have to maneuver to change lenses, tapes etc. Being able to do so without a dismount was impossible with the Steadybrace (abdomen support model). I don’t have anything bad to say about Steadybrace. They have great customer support, and the brace is a good one to use but…my needs changed a bit.
    I can operate easier now with the Opteka. The Opteka can- on the fly, be adjusted to aim higher or lower without over doing it with your back or fatiguing your shoulders. I can take both hands off the rig to change a lens or tape without dismounting because the camera rig is snug and secure to my torso. The Opteka is slim and simple. It appears to be made of thick, strong plastic. I don’t know about their customer support since I haven’t had to contact them. There doesn’t appear to be a need for the Varizoom rocker that I had mounted to the Steadybrace as of yet. Since my hands aren’t holding the support anymore, I can use both hands to zoom and focus now. I’ll probably still use the Steadybrace for some events but I’m excited about using the Opteka for the simple design and not having to take the rig on and off. A big plus is this – I can also use the eyepiece or the LCD viewfinder without strain. Last but not least, cost. The Opteka is extremely affordable for what it does.
    Update October:
    I took this rig on a shoot. We were filming at some airports around the nation. Of course it wasnt practical in the plane but trying to get it set up once we landed was a task. I ended up just not using it into the second stop. What i did notice was that the device always wanted to lean to the right and cause you some unwanted tilt. Got some back pain from over correcting. Not sure I am going to use this a whole lot.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  2. Scott Emblidge says:

    A very good budget option, this camera supporter is easy to use, a bit difficult to assemble (Since no instructions are included) but is a very useful tool.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Brian Cianfrani says:

    WORKS GREAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am a professional Camera Person and I love it.
    I did not secure my Camera to it but I rest my Cameras on it and I love it.
    Made real strong.
    Brian Cianfrani

    Rating: 5 / 5

  4. Mario De Moya says:

    Compre esta montura para usarla con mi Canon 5d mark II, por el precio no esta mal, es de plastico pero funciona y uno se cansa menos, para poder usarla bien con la 5d hice modificaciones, por su contruccion en plastico se que no durara mucho.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. P. Joseph says:

    This item arrived promptly, and that’s about the only redeeming thing about the entire order. My order was missing the main support strap. There was no how-to assemble booklet or manual. The padding for the shoulder rest is not padding but extra firm plastic-like material, hardly what anyone could call comfortable. Aside from the missing parts, the unit has a cheap feel and I would not use this with a large pro-sumer or professional video camera/camcorder. The bolts that hold camera to the unit are flimsy. Customer support is questionable. I called and emailed the company but I got NO replies. Stay away from this company and spend the extra dollars to find a steady-cam device or look on youtube to build one yourself. There are actually kits on the web that show you how to make your own. I am stuck with a device I cannot use that I paid for. I am very dissatisfied and will probably have to contact Better Business Bureau not to mention Consumer Division of Attorney General’s office until I get satisfaction.
    Caveat Emptor when it comes to 47street Photo and this Opteka device!
    Rating: 1 / 5

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