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  • Photo enhancing collection as well as discerning organizing as well as pity capabilities
  • Make discerning fixes or make make use of of modernized editing; fast find any photo
  • Correct tone as well as lighting; mislay imperfections; review images
  • Create constrained slip shows; send themed print e-mail
  • Use industry-leading technology; repository photos for safekeeping

Product Description
Adobe Elements 3.0 Image Edit Software for Windows is a third chronicle of this amazingly renouned digital picture as well as print modifying application. It’s no consternation really. Adobe’s Photoshop Elements array is geared to you, a infrequent user, looking entrance to picture encouragement collection which have been elementary as well as easy. While ease-of-use is a key, PE3 adds some-more power. Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 program right away provides absolute print modifying functionality as well as discerning organizing as well as pity capabilities. Make discerning fixes when we need to or make make use of of modernized modifying options when we wish some-more control. Organize a approach we wish as well as uncover off your creativity with brand new energetic slip shows, themed print e-mail, as well as more. Make constrained slip shows with transitions, captions, music, as well as exegesis Send your photos displayed inside of your e-mail instead of as attachments, as well as embody musical backgrounds as well as frames in a accumulation of themes Make a many of your profitable print paper by copy high-quality pages in any blueprint we wish particular or mixed photos

Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0

5 Reviews

  1. Photo Hobbyist says:

    This product finally gets it right. From start to finish, it really works.

    Connect a camera or card reader, and it automatically finds it and imports your photos. Then do a quick review using your full-screen so you can really see the image, not just thumbnails. Cull out the lame photos really fast, then tag the ones you want to keep. Even hit Ctrl-1 through 5 to put 1-5 stars on an image.

    Then once you have your best shots, use the cool “smart fix” tool to do some amazing stuff to fix the exposure and colors in just one click….much smarter than the other products I’ve tried (and I’ve tried a lot over the last 3 months, including microsoft’s and magix and ulead and nero….etc.)

    Then use the one-click redeye remover to click near an eye and have the redeye automagically removed. It really works! Cool!

    Use the Healing Brush to remove blemishes and paint out annoying details (like the cars in the background, or a blemish on someone’s forehead) without having to know anything special or hold down a control-shift-alt key combination.

    Wonderful organization tools, plus the world’s best image editing, all packaged in a UI that starts simple and builds as you explore it.

    Adobe really got this one right. Don’t bother looking at the other packages (lord knows I spent enough time for us all. :)
    Rating: 5 / 5

  2. R. Lade says:

    I knew it would happen…..the healing brush hits Elements 3.0! Great addition to a good program. Can the channel mixer be far behind? Probably….if Adobe adds that and curves, there may not be a reason to get the full-blown Photoshop for most people. I do photography professionally and most of my stuff is done in Photoshop CS, but this is a great backup program. There are some things in here that I don’t use, but they’re handy for the average digital image taker. I’m not wild about the incorporation of Photoshop Album into this, but again, it has some useful features that the market this program is geared to will find nice to have. The better option would have been to allow this to be a separate installation. I have a file management program that I like that will allow me to open any file in whatever program I choose, so I don’t need the file management part of Elements 3.

    All in all this is a great program that can do a lot of serious stuff if you take the time to learn it. To the gentleman that said in his review that there was no full-screen because there’s tools all over the place cluttering things up….well, do your homework. There is full-screen, and if the tools get in your way, try hitting the tab key. I’ll bet you’ll see the tool bars go away. Hit tab again, they’re back. That’s one great thing about Photoshop….lots of keyboard shortcuts to do all sorts of things.

    If you’re debating new imaging software, give this a try. It’s all-encompassing for the average shooter, and you can do just about anything you need to with your images.
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. Andrew Gray says:

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 2 was a tremendous breakthrough for the casual digital image enthusiast. With a huge portion of Adobe Photoshop’s functionality, it was for the average photographer all the program he or she would need. The weakest part was it’s photo browsing and library management. These failings were addressed with the release of an ancillary program, Adobe Photoshop Album. While not to everyone’s liking, Photoshop Album was powerful and very well designed, and together with Elements made a comprehensive set.

    With the release of Adobe Photoshop Elements 3, Adobe has pulled a fast one on its customers. Instead of adding significant functionality to PE, it has given it lots of what programmers call “chrome” – the shiny bits of the user interface. It has merged in the features of Photoshop Album, but this is useful only to those who don’t already have Photoshop Album.

    For your money, the upgrade to Photoshop Elements 3 offers, essentially, one new tool: The healing brush introduced in Photoshop 7. While the healing brush sounds great, I found it to be inferior to careful use of the ‘good old’ clone stamp tool.

    Given that I was not won over by Photoshop Album, was unimpressed by the healing brush, and don’t care much about chrome, I found the net advantage in this upgrade to be nil.

    On the downside, however, users get plenty. For one thing, each time you want to edit a photo (Photoshop Elements) or work with a library of photos (Photoshop Album), you must load both programs. Remember, in version 3 they have been combined. It would not be accurate to say this adds twice the load time and overhead; it seems to have added more than that. Photoshop Elements 3 is slow where 2 was fast, bloated where its predecessor was lean. It is, however, very, very shiny.

    I have tried Photoshop Elements 2 and 3, Photoshop Album, and Photoshop 7. Having tried all these, I now use Photoshop Elements 2. For managing my library I rely on ACD System’s ACDSee, far faster and more flexible than Photoshop Album.

    I can’t recommend this upgrade; it offers almost no real new features, and the addition of Photoshop Album is only of interest to Photoshop Album fans. The programmers at Adobe must have been working on other projects; this upgrade seems to be the work of the marketing department.
    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Patricia Tryon says:

    Having used the full-power version of Photoshop for quite a few years now, this version interested me because my husband has taken up digital photography. He needed something to help him organize photos and he wanted something that would let him play around a little with the images. Elements succeeds for him on both counts.

    I found it somewhat difficult to work backward from Photoshop CS to the more limited capabilities of Elements, but what I see here is not too different from early versions of “full” Photoshop. It’s plenty of zoom for what anyone other than a professional needs. For this reason alone, I give it five stars. It is simply the best available; its price/performance ratio is unmatched.

    That said, keep in mind one important point. This is not a particularly intuitive product. Although you’ll pick up a little just by dinging around with an open document, you will not begin to approach using the program effectively unless you are prepared to look at the manual. Probably, in fact, you will want one of the books available on the topic. But with just a bit of study and practice you will have at your fingertips a strong, versatile tool for working with digital images — ANY digital images: your own photography or other illustrations that you create or import.

    Study and practice may sound like tall orders, but consider that many of us apply the same principles to various computer games. Apply them to Elements, as my husband has, and you will generate results to be proud of.
    Rating: 5 / 5

  5. Michele says:

    I am a new user of Adobe Photoshop and researched heavily before I purchased. I agree that there is a learning curve, but the results are worth it.
    1. EXCELLENT photoediting. Handles lighting and color problems superbly and you can enhance portraits to make any subject look great. You have the choice of “quick fix” or step-wise corrections with the standard editor. I cannot overemphasize how powerful the editing tools are: you can make bad photos good and good photos look great.
    2. Easily keep track of photos and organize them by subject/theme, date, etc.
    3. All-in-one program that will meet the needs of most non-professional consumers.
    4. Sharing: program automatically compresses your photo for emailing and the email layouts look great. Other templates are available to make cards, calendars, etc.
    1. If you are new to the Photoshop products I would highly recommend purchasing a book (I love Scott Kelby’s book specifically for Elements 3.0). The Adobe manual gives you an aerial view of the program, but that’s it. The built-in tutorials are helpful, but any newbie should get a book to unleash the vast potential of the program. I got very good results “winging it”, but to fully use the program some extra help is needed.
    2. It’s not the quickest program to load (Windows XP), but that depends on the capacity of your computer system.
    OVERALL: I am THRILLED with the results and find they justify my time learning the program. The only reason I knocked off one star is because of the learning curve.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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