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Product Features Take larger value of all which Adobe Photoshop CS4 program offers with the some-more discerning user interface as well as facilities which put we in carry out Bring your prophesy to hold up with industry-leading collection which let we raise images as well as emanate composites which assistance encounter your top standards Be some-more prolific by receiving value of well-spoken formation with alternative Adobe program as well as enhancements which precedence the energy of today’s faster graphics processors Access the unequaled energy of Adobe Photoshop CS4 program by the some-more discerning user experience, larger modifying freedom, as well as poignant capability enhancements Photoshop CS4 facilities brand new ways to have picture adjustments as well as emanate masks, some-more absolute compositing, softened tone correction, took off graphics handling, as well as extended tender picture processing

Photoshop CS4

5 Reviews

  1. Dorothy Barrett says:

    I bought Photoshop CS4 Extended from bargainsales777 which is a seller on your site. When I first installed it and registered the serial number, everything worked fine. However, Adobe, who makes Photoshop, does automatic updates. In doing one for me, a pop-up told me that I was using a product with an invalid serial number. I called Adobe personally to make sure this was true. Both times I called them I was told the serial number was invalid. I am not able to use the product unless I delete the cache.db file each time, temporarily blocking the serial number. I did not want a product with an invalid number. I wanted a real Adobe Photoshop program that I could use consistently without doing work-arounds. I have returned the product to the seller and am hoping to get my money back from my credit card company. I do know if I will ever buy from your company again.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  2. Susan Chilson says:

    I ordered Photoshop CS4 from eimaj711(although not through this account). When I got the product initially it said “File access denied”. After navigating to the Setup.exe I got it to load. Then, after I opened the program for the first time I shut it down because my computer was running slow. The second time I tried to open the program it said my serial number had expired and now, in order to use it I need to buy a new serial number; more like a new product completely. To say I’m unhapp0y is an understatement.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Susan Bryan says:

    I ordered the product and the seller was very prompt about the delivery. Unfortunately I was unable to register it because the SN was invalid. Fortunately the seller was prompt in returning my money.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  4. L. Freel says:

    Ordered from Bluestarisales (no longer listed as of this writing) and so far all is well. Installation, registration and updates all functioned as expected. If any issues arrise, I’ll be back to report. This Extended version was listed and sold under the CS4 products “these sellers”.

    This is a “feature rich” version of CS4 and is very powerful for photographers. The “Stacks” feature is able to remove moving people and high ISO generated noise from multiple exposures… hand held, as well as processing bracketed DOF images to provide one with the optimum DOF in one image. This feature was available previously as software for astrophotography which I intend to put to the test.

    Update October ’09: After using the program for a few weeks it still performs well…however and it may be a big “however”. Checking in on blogs on the net resulted in finding that some of this software contains virus’s and other bad stuff. What appears to be happening is my hard drive is very busy on a longer than normal boot and is as discribed on one blog. Several items were discovered on a deep scan with my anti virus program and isolated. I’ll be watching to see if this reoccurs.

    Rating: 4 / 5

  5. Mary L. Reynolds says:

    Great program at a great price. I received my order in three days, best service I’ve ever received from anyone. Plus was sent sent some great add-on that I was going to buy later on. Would have no problem ordering from them again. Five Star service.
    Rating: 5 / 5

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