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  • Make It Better Turn your snapshots in to veteran images. Automatically repair brightness, contrast, tone as well as sharpness
  • Cut It Out Love a theme though not a background? Paint it divided with a sorcery brush as well as slip in a brand new one.
  • Make It Cool Easily supplement cold goods to any image. Includes dozens of goods which will give your print a veteran look.
  • Frame It For which undiluted finishing hold to your photos. Add a single or some-more frames to your photo.
  • Enlarge It Get sharp, print sized prints out of your photos no make a difference how tiny they competence be.

Product Description
onOne Photo Essentials is a pick up of 5 collection which painlessly scold color, supplement frames, mislay neglected backgrounds, supplement detailed goods as well as increase your photos. These easy-to-use collection will concede we to fast get a pursuit finished in Adobe® Photoshop® Elements.

Photo Essentials 3

2 Reviews

  1. Robert S. Tobias says:

    The 19 word summary that says it all: Go to the ononesoftware site and download the free 30 day fully functional demo and try it for yourself.

    The details:

    If you are considering Mask Pro 4 (and you really should, see my review of that product for details) to use with Photoshop Elements (PSE), then get this instead. You get essentially the same masking capabilities, more stuff, and for less than half the cost!

    This software consists of five addon components to PSE. There is nothing they do that you can’t do with only PSE but it will take you a heck of a lot longer. Also, perhaps if you were to spend enough time and develop sufficiet skill you could produce better results. However without this considerable investment of your time chances are you will be impressed with what you get from the “Essentials” pack after only a few minutes of familiarization.

    Regarding the “familiarization”, the training resources provided by ononesoftware for this product (and everything they produce) is as impressive as their software. When ever you first use a new feature you get the opportunity to view a short (< 60 seconds or so) intro that gives the essentials of its use. Beyond that, there is contextual help available and over 100 on-line videos dealing with everything from general usage to dealing with specific "problem" situations. That aside, out of the box and armed only with default settings you should be able to get great results very quickly. Finally, there is a free 30-day fully functional demo available at the manufacture's site. Don't beleive me, download it and give it a try. For full disclousure, while mostly automatice there is usually some intervention required. However it is considerably less than what would be needed to accomplish the same thing without this package. Also, I have no personal interest in ononesoftware other than believing they produce a quality product that adds considerable at a very reasonable price. Rating: 5 / 5

  2. SonicAddiction says:

    This company basically takes Adobe’s features and automates them a bit. Problem is, whenever you update Adobe, you need to buy an upgrade for OnOne because it will no longer work. I also bought Genuine Fractals from this company and have only been able to use it a few times and then my license somehow disappears. I need to go through the motions of contacting their tech support with a load of details and wait for days before they reset my license and I can use the product again. I have had to do this so many times that my original license activation code I have on the software is so outdated that I have to scrounge through several emails from them to determine what the latest key is. It is just not worth the trouble. I may sell it on e-bay as a frisbee.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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