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  • Creative powerhouse for drawing, sketching, painting, designing, portrayal as well as anaimating
  • New picture cutout college of music allows we to orderly mislay backgrounds
  • New mist brushes allows canned paint effects, picturesque droplets, portrayal of picturesque fur, tall peculiarity clouds as well as fog
  • New cutout stamps allows we to quickly stand any design with a set of QuickShapes for cutout stamp effect
  • New AutoTrace Studio allows we to spin photos in to overwhelming matrix art as well as retouch your sketches as well as logos

Product Description
Welcome to DrawPlus X3, a affordable, all-in-one, beautiful powerhouse for drawing, sketching, painting, designing, illustrating as well as animating! DrawPlus X3 is your one-stop-shop for beautiful fun, picturesque painting, veteran logos, overwhelming interactive Flash animations, layouts as well as plans, commercial operation diagrams as well as most more. With an contentment of considerable inventive energy as well as a smoke-stack of sparkling brand brand brand new features, DrawPlus X3 has something for everyone–from students to home users as well as commercial operation professionals, novices to enthusiasts as well as gifted artists! It’s never been simpler to wow your friends, family, colleagues or any assembly with eye-catching designs. Quickly renovate photos in to marvellous design with absolute brand brand brand new AutoTrace as well as Image Cutout Studios, paint with a brand brand brand new operation of picturesque photo-quality brushes, suffer a discerning usability of a uninformed user interface, as well as import design from anywhere with lengthened await for PDFs, digital images, EPS graphics, Adobe Illustrator drawings as well as CAD files. And right away we can simply share your creations online, uploading design as well as exchanging tips as well as tricks with a DrawPlus.com community.

DrawPlus X3 Graphics Studio

1 Review

  1. Evelyn O. Simon says:

    I bought this product about a week ago, and at first I was a bit disappointed.
    I thought it was a program that would enhance my artwork, boy was I wrong. I’m not an idiot, but learning how to operate this program’s features, made me feel like one.
    I went into the “Start new drawing” feature. This frustrated me the most, because the program was just as difficult as the others.
    Each time I’d click the pencil, paint brush, or choose color feature to draw, a zillion tiny box-shaped graphic covered my drawing. When I finally figured out how to create a work of art without those tiny kill picture graphics covering it, the save feature wouldn’t save it to my local file. :(
    “The design template” feature was difficult in the beginning, yet great to play around with once figured out. I don’t think your finished creation can be uploaded to your webpage. On the other hand, maybe it can, I’m still learning.
    The online introduction is nothing more than a short commercial. The quick video doesn’t show you the features to click, in order to create the effects they’re allowing you to see.

    I do like the animation feature though. However, it is a stop frame animation, and can be difficult if you’re not familiar with it. Once you get the hang of it, it can be fun. I only recommend this software for those who are familiar with programs like it, for comparison.
    Rating: 3 / 5

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