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  • The preferred imitation as well as video program for beginners
  • Amazingly simply imitation editing, video editing, DVD burning, DVD playback as well as pleasing projects
  • Use the absolute Media Organizer to tag, perspective as well as classify all your photos, videos as well as song files in the singular place
  • Create pleasing imitation books, calendars, slideshows as well as more
  • Share in any format: bake DVDs, upload photos as well as videos to Facebook, Flickr as well as YouTube, share over email, or imitation from your PC

Product Description
Get the elementary proceed to organize, edit, create, bake as well as share photos as well as videos. Organize photos, videos as well as music. Edit photos as well as spin HD video clips in to cinema in minutes. Create overwhelming imitation books as well as slideshows. Share upon Facebook, Flickr or YouTube. Corel Digital Studio 2010 is the easiest photo, video as well as DVD blazing program you’ll ever use.Amazon.com Product Description
Do we take photos as well as videos with the point-and-shoot digital camera? Then Corel Digital Studio 2010 is undiluted for you. This discerning as well as elementary digital media apartment is written to let we revise photos fast, as well as spin video clips in to cinema in minutes. Plus, we get all we need to emanate overwhelming imitation books, slideshows as well as DVDs.

It’s your story to tell, so have it noted with Corel Digital Studio 2010.

Corel Digital Studio 2010 is the easiest photo, video as well as DVD blazing program you’ll ever use.

Automatically constraint digital media from probably any device to get proposed quickly. Then perspective all your photos, videos as well as song in the singular easy place. Organize by folder, album, date, rating or keyword tab to find files fast.

Fix it discerning with one-click photo-editing as well as video-editing tools. Quickly crop, rotate, sharpen, mislay red-eye as well as some-more to pierce out the many appropriate in your digital photos. Trim, mix as well as raise video clips in seconds. You can even edit, bake as well as share your HD videos.

Get pleasing with professionally written templates which assistance we constraint your memories in style. Create overwhelming imitation books, slideshows, calendars, cards as well as more. Make the discriminating film in usually mins with easy film creation tools. Or, pierce your the a singular preferred photos, videos as well as song together in the singular extraordinary piece.

Give friends as well as family the front chair to the uncover of your life! Upload photos as well as videos to Facebook, Flickr as well as YouTube. Copy videos as well as cinema to iPod, iPhone, PSP as well as alternative mobile devices. Print photos during home or sequence from the online duplicate service. Then bake DVDs as well as CDs for easy pity as well as safekeeping.

With PaintShop Photo Express, modifying your digital photos is usually as easy as receiving them. Click to enlarge.

VideoStudio Express 2010 is the easiest proceed to spin your video clips in to professional-looking cinema we can share. Click to enlarge.

Send to inclination as well as bake CDs as well as DVDs faster as well as some-more simply than ever with Corel DVD Factory 2010. Click to enlarge.

The many appropriate DVD player program for high-quality video playback, WinDVD delivers the some-more realistic as well as refreshing party experience. Click to enlarge.

Organize videos as well as photos together

When it comes to program for creation cinema as well as photos, zero beats Digital Studio 2010. Look how easy it is to get started!

Automatic Importing
Quickly duplicate all your videos, photos as well as song from your device to your computer. Digital Studio detects digital cameras, camcorders as well as mobile phones, so we can simply send all your files to the Media Organizer for discerning viewing.

One Common Workspace
For the initial time upon the PC, Digital Studio combines imitation modifying as well as film creation program with DVD as well as AVCHD burning, pleasing projects as well as easy sharing, all with the visible workspace which creates your knowledge elementary as well as fun. Now we can organize, edit, create, share as well as safety all your memories in the singular place–faster, simpler as well as with indeed extraordinary results.

Simple Media Organizer
Organize photos, videos as well as song all in the singular place as well as keep your noted moments together. Digital Studio’s Media Organizer is the starting indicate for all your projects opposite the suite, creation it easy to pierce from the singular focus to another. Know one, know them all!

Edit photos as well as videos the easy way

Whether you’re imitation editing, film creation or both, Digital Studio helps we emanate as discerning as we can click!

Express Edit
Enhance photos as well as videos in mins in Express Edit mode. Digital Studio lets we preview images as well as have your many usual edits inside of the singular observation window. Crop, stagger as well as whet photos, mislay red-eye, regulate liughtness as well as some-more with usually the couple of clicks. Use the QuickCut timeline to perspective as well as trim your video for discerning results.

Movie Making Software Made Easy. Seriously Easy.
Corel Digital Studio 2010 offers the groundbreaking new, visible proceed to video-editing projects. Now film creation is something any the single can do! Use veteran film templates to now spin your video clips in to the great-looking movie, finish with openings, titles as well as transitions. Or discerning personalize your video with your own voiceover, song as well as more. Trim neglected content, have discerning edits similar to shortening camera shake, as well as supplement titles, soundtracks as well as captions–all regulating the same elementary workspace.

HD Video
Edit, bake as well as share your AVCHD video clips.

Create imitation as well as video projects

Only Digital Studio combines imitation modifying as well as film creation software, giving we the singular elementary place to emanate all your imitation as well as video projects.

Digital Photo as well as Video Templates
Make your stories noted with professional-looking imitation books, calendars, imitation slideshows as well as cinema which take usually mins to create. Just select the imitation or video character as well as supplement your personal touch. Order projects online or imitation from the apartment with usually the couple of clicks.

Windows 7 Touch Capabilities
Get hands-on with your photos as well as videos in ways which were never probable before. Corel Digital Studio 2010 takes full value of Windows 7 touch-screen capabilities, relocating over normal menus as well as rodent clicks to the some-more healthy as well as sparkling pleasing experience.

Share as well as safety your memories

At home, upon the go, online or off, Digital Studio 2010 lets we simply share your memories with family as well as friends.

Easy Sharing in any Format
Burn DVDs, upload photos as well as videos to Facebook, Flickr as well as YouTube, insert them to email with involuntary resizing, imitation right from your Personal Computer or sequence prints online. You can additionally duplicate files to iPod, iPhone, PSP or alternative mobile inclination faster than ever.

DVD Playback with Hollywood Flair
Watch your videos as well as cinema in cinematic peculiarity from DVD, film files or true from your digital camera with Corel WinDVD 2010, the world’s #1 DVD player software. Then bake to DVD with Hollywood-style menus which have it easy to crop as well as watch your the a singular preferred scenes.

CD as well as DVD Burning
Burn DVD or AVCHD movies, as well as bake song to front in usually the couple of clicks. Digital Studio lets we watch, share as well as behind up your creations in no time.

What’s Included

Making movies, photos as well as DVDs is easy with Corel Digital Studio 2010. Find all we need right here.

  • Corel PaintShop Photo Express 2010
  • Corel VideoStudio Express 2010
  • Corel DVD Factory 2010
  • Corel WinDVD 2010
  • Corel Quick Start Guide
  • Corel Guide (in product)

Corel Digital Studio 2010

5 Reviews

  1. David Pearlman says:

    Corel has for years been the coulda shoulda also ran in multiple areas. Their CorelDraw/PhotoPaint graphics package is arguably as good as Adobe’s Illustrator/Photoshop, and at times and for versions was perhaps better. Their WordPerfect was a true contender to Microsoft’s Word, before MS’s Word became the de facto standard. Their Ventura publishing program was considered by many to be the best desktop publishing program available…until Corel seemingly stopped promoting it and allowed Adobe and others to overtake it in that arena.

    Unfortunately, bad management, bad decision and bad marketing have all but doomed Corel to second (or third) banana status over the years. That doesn’t mean their software isn’t good (and sometimes outstanding), but it means they don’t have the market presence of Adobe, Apple and Microsoft.

    At any rate, I came to this software package with some hopes, based on the software in Corel’s library.

    This package essentially ties together multiple multi-media apps into one convenient, moderately priced package. You get Corel PaintShop Photo Express (photo editing software), Corel VideoStudio Express (video editing software), Corel DVD Factory (CD/DVD burning software) and Corel WinDVD (DVD viewing software). Most people already have some sort of DVD burning software and DVD viewing software (in many cases an OEM version of WinDVD), so the big hooks here are the photo and video software.

    So far, so good.

    Unfortunately, it turns out that all the software is limited and dumbed down. If all you need to do is change the size of your photos, or “auto fix” them, or play with a limited number of goofy effects, then this program will work fine. But try to get under the hood, and there’s really not a lot of “there” there…OK for Grandma–and maybe even great for Grandma because lack of options means lack of possibilities to get confused–but not so great for anyone used to, say, Photoshop Elements.

    The video editor is similarly lacking. I came at this with experience with both Apple’s iMovie and Adobe’s Premier Elements. Both of those programs are superficially easy to use but allow a lot of serious editing to those who want to get more involved. The video editor in this suite seems to offer something similar to the glossy high level stuff in those two programs, but not much in the way of deeper options. Again, this might be great for Grandma (if you have a Grandma who would actually attempt to edit a video, which would make her the most unusual Grandma I know), but isn’t going to satisfy someone more interested in producing cool videos…

    One nice feature of the photo and video editing programs is that they can automatically upload stuff to places like FaceBook. I tried this feature, and it worked fine. But again, similar features are offered by Adobe and others.

    As for the CD/DVD writing software…I tried it once for the purposes of this review, and it worked fine. But again, it has very limited options compared to something like Nero or Roxio, and most people interested in serious burning have one of those already installed.

    The WinDVD video viewing program is very good. It is also widely distributed for “free” in OEM form with DVD drives, new computers, etc. There are only two widely used commercial (not for free) video viewing programs: WinDVD and PowerDVD, and they both have their strengths, but either would be acceptable. When I first got this software, I hoped that the WinDVD included would be the higher end package, which supports playback of HD/BlueRay format DVDs. Unfortunately, no. This is just the standard version that (as noted) you probably already have.

    On the whole, you get a lot of software in this bundle, but element of the package has shortcomings.

    The photo editor is inferior to the popular Adobe Photoshop Elements.
    The video editor is significantly inferior to the popular Adobe Premier Elements or Apple’s iMovie.
    The CD/DVD writing software is inferior to offerings by Nero and Roxio.
    The WinDVD software is excellent, but many (if not most) will already have either the similar OEM version of WinDVD or else the competing PowerDVD. The included version does NOT support HD or Blueray, so it offers no real advantage to the DVD viewing software you already have.

    If the idea of simplicity and all-in-one-box appeals to you, this may be your best selection. Admittedly, this box of software is appreciably cheaper than buying all four pieces of software from any vendor(s). But if you plan to get beyond the basics of photo and video editing, you may regret this choice in the end.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Terry Pick says:

    I’m rating this product a 4 out of 5 stars due to the fact that I feel this software being overly simple. For me coming from Vegas 9.0 Pro and FCP 7, I’m used to editing with multiple tracks of video, color grading, adjusting audio tracks and adding smooth transitions… Sure, if your new to video editing, this may be just what your looking for, but don’t expect to do much beside basic cuts, goofy transitions and working with a few generic templates… (I think IMovie, a video editing software that comes with most new MAC computers is a far superior to this program.)

    If you’re a video blogger this may be exactly what you looking for, as all you have to do is import your footage, add any transition or effect you want, and export to Youtube, (One of the cool features of this program is that it allows you to upload directly to youtube.) On the flip side don’t expect to make a really complicated video with this program.

    Recap: Corel’s Digital Studio is in no way a replacement for Professional video and photo editing software Like Sony Vegas or Apple’s Final Cut Studio, however it does have it’s place. For starters it cost only a fraction of What Sony Vegas 9 or Final Cut Studio would cost.)

    Overall these are my final thought on this product:

    PRO: VERY easy to use!

    CON: Overly Simple…
    Rating: 4 / 5

  3. M. Leingang says:

    I cannot recommend this product. The performance is bad on my Quad Core, 8GB, 64 bit system and feature set is too light

    Corel has done a nice job providing a clean interface that is shared across the prodcut set. The software will index your images and videos on your computer when it work. I pointed the software to my images folder and it failed to add about half of the subfolders. You create slideshows and videos, the burn to a DVD that you can send to your family. The photo editing options are pathetic. (Sepia / B&W and little else)

    Corel had really butchered the Ulead product line. Yes these are the express version of the main productss but there is just not enough features to justify paying more than $30 for this prouduct. You are better going with the Adobe Photoshop Elements / Adobe Premiere Elements or using free products. Google has done a great job with Picasa by the way..

    Rating: 2 / 5

  4. Forza Catracha says:

    This program is too limited, I downloaded the trial from the corel website which I highly recommend to see for yourself if this is what you are looking for or need something else.

    Basically what I didnt like was the video rendering, this is important to mee because I create family DVD’s and I want this videos to come out the best possible. But depending on the Camera, Video Card on the Computer and other hardware components this might not be an issue for you.

    The only way I found for inputing CD Text information was by typing it. The again mayde you just back up your music and don’t care for this feature. I like to read on my car CD Player the name of the songs.

    The other thing I had problem is you get 4 programs in a suite, but PaintShop Photo and Video Studio versions are the express ones, not the full ones, so that even limits you more.

    Rating: 2 / 5

  5. Marc David Miller says:

    The photo editing capabilities are there, but not very good–certainly not for a professional or an artist. The video, however, is quite easy to use to make ‘business-class’ presentations; we are using this right now to create a video of a meeting we hosted with a country’s prime minister, and feel that it is fine for this purpose.
    Rating: 4 / 5

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