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  • Box Contents – Bamboo coop tablet, Bamboo pen, Pen stand, USB cable, Quick begin guide, Installation CD
  • Active Area – 5.8 (W) x 3.7 (D) (21 block inches)
  • Works with brand new scratch recognition, inking as well as coop facilities in Windows Vista (all editions though Home Basic) as well as Apple handling systems (OS X)
  • Supports widescreen displays as well as has the textured work aspect for the healthy pen-on-paper feel
  • High fortitude as well as inform rate for superb accuracy

Product Description
Whether you’re scheming the slip display or imprinting up documents, Wacom’s Bamboo MTE450 coop inscription gives we some-more carry out with law coop record which puts the capability to personalize your work right in your hands.al documents, have discerning sketches, as well as pointer your name.Combine Bamboo with Mac Inkwell or Microsoft Windows Vista as well as Office 2007 to handwrite email, come in content by palm anywhere typed content is accepted, navigate your desktop with the crack of the pen, as well as more.Bamboo functions with any software. In fact, most program applications have special facilities as well as collection which have been written to be used with the pen.

Bamboo Pen Tablet with Pen Only

5 Reviews

  1. Jeanne Anderson says:

    I installed Pen Tablet to my computer but found I wasn’t eqiuipped with enough of the right tools for it to be of much use for me. It was easy enough to follow the directions but I had thought it would replace my keyboard and mouse. It wasn’t easy for me to use and I suppose I am just not computer literate enough and my software on my computer is older.

    I am sure for the right person it is great but not for me.
    Rating: 3 / 5

  2. Everett Knell says:

    Inappropriate for use as a free-standing device for signatures in signature boxes of forms. I bouught it for that purpose and it doesn’t work. Maybe OK for other uses, but I am returning it.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  3. Guy Terry says:

    I scoured all of the information from the WACOM website and Amazon about this product. It appeared, in all screen shots, that part of the supported and supplied software included Windows Journal, or something very similar.

    There is NOTHING in this package that allows one to write on and edit documents on screen, unless you already have a computer with XP Tablet Edition, or some forms of Windows Vista.

    That point was not clear at all on their website. I’m working very hard to find software to allow Journal-type functionality on a desktop computer – what I was looking for in the first place.

    Let me know if you find it. Otherwise this is just a nifty input device without a document-oriented application.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  4. Matt says:

    I can’t describe how irritating this product is. It keeps popping the cursor back to the middle of the screen no matter where I’ve placed it, and no matter what pen/tablet/mouse settings I fiddle with. I’m trying to use it to do one thing — sign my name in a little box on the screen — and the writing is all over the place. I tried it with OneNote, which has a pretty decent interface for drawing on the screen, and it was very difficult to draw even simple shapes. I actually have better results signing my name with a mouse. My conclusion after using this: Get a Tablet PC if this kind of functionality is important to you.
    Rating: 1 / 5

  5. Komal Bhukhanwala says:

    the product i received was defected – the pointer was very unstable – it would keep shaking. Have asked amazon for a replacement – hopefully that should work. I’m using it with Windows vista = not very happy as of now.
    Rating: 1 / 5

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