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  • The HD-5005PRO lens is primarily designed to achieve the optimum performance for use with compact digital/video camcorders. And it’s compatible with some digital still cameras too. But, in that case there could be slight image quality reduction depending on the model in use.
  • All of Raynox conversion lenses are proudly made in Japan. At Raynox’s wholly owned manufacturing subsidiary, every stage of production is rigorously checked and tested so that the lens elements compensate effectively for astigmatism, distortion and spherical aberration…. for an excellent image quality.
  • Please Note: The lens is not compatible with SONY DCR-DVD301/201/101.

Product Description

The HD-5050PRO super wideangle conversion lens is designed to broaden the angle of view, including 100% more area in the picture, when attached to the lens of digital video camcorder. Its compatible with the whole zoom area and stays in focus.The HD-5050PRO is made of the high-index optical glass elements with the concept of lens designing using three-group / four-element lens formula. This concept in designing the lens made it possible to achieve an amazing high definition wideangle lens of the 600 lines/mm resolution power at center (MTF30%).